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We embrace working with nature and people. Our process focuses on your unique personal preferences. Taking into consideration your outdoor and indoor lifestyle.

We design diverse and ecologically functional landscapes with outdoor living spaces for interaction. The form, texture and color of naturalistic planting ensure your garden thrives and looks beautiful all year. The structure of hardscaping elements will provide you with a place to enjoy the beauty. Your design will inspire.

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This is where we actualize the vision of your design. Our team of skilled craftsmen install your sustainable landscape with intention, dedication and efficiency. Your landscape will bridge the built environment with the local ecosystem. The construction process leads the way to an aesthetic, functional and resilient space.

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Our relationship with the people or clients we work with blossoms and is nurtured as we guide you through tending your landscape. We can guide biological succession to create thriving ecosystems. Regenerative landscapes can help heal our environment through increasing biodiversity and habitat. With our teams knowledge, care and guidance your garden gracefully evolves over time. As it grows, it creates a healthier, more abundant future for all.

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Just like a natural, balanced environment, an inspiring landscape invites you to experience it. As your landscape changes over time, you too will be immersed in its grounded glory. In your home garden, you can experience the harmony and balance the natural world has to offer.

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Photography by Dominic Velasquez

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Working with nature and tending to our home is vital in today's world.
Natural landscape in Saskatchewan

Our names are Cass and Taylor Hazel and Common Ground is our local business.  We strive to be ethical and accessible to our community. This means that we work with you to come up with practical and long-term solutions. Together, let’s bring life to your outdoor space. Let nature be the inspiration that helps us create the space you've been dreaming of.

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There are many possibilities to creating inspiring, timeless and aesthetic landscapes. The perfect gift for yourself, your community and the world.
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