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A solution to some of our biggest problems

More about regenerative gardening

It's diverse

Diversity is one characteristic that is foundational to any system.

No need for petroleum based fertilizers, toxic pesticides or plastic garden wrap when diversity is present!

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Observation and interaction

We become Earth stewards as we learn to observe & interact with the natural world.

Growing a regenerative garden gives you a great opportunity to connect with and care for a little patch of Eden in your own yard.

As the steward of your garden, you can observe and grow to learn what it needs. And we can help you along the way.

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Modular vs. Holistic Food Production

Monocrop satellite image

The modular, mono-crop approach taken to farming has produced food for a lot of people, but what's required to operate this model of production is extreme. The pesticides and herbicides needed to continue this unbalanced system negatively affect the quality of the food being grown, as well as impacting downriver ecosystems, eventually reaching the ocean.

Cass holding some garden grown strawberries.

What if I told you that when we come together to learn how to grow our own food, we could change the world? Baby steps, learning to share again in communal abundance from the yards that we steward.

Is regenerative gardening sustainable?

It's more than sustainable

So much of what we do and produce in the modern world is not sustainable in the long (perhaps even the short) run.

Regenerative gardens are not only sustainable, they heal our environment from damage that has been done. This helps create a healthier, more abundant future for all.

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It produces
no waste

Just like a natural, balanced environment, a regenerative garden produces no waste. One organism's waste is another's food. This is how energy cycles through the web of life in a closed system.

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Photography by Dominic Velasquez

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Permaculture principles are the main set of guidelines we follow in our creation process.
Natural landscape in Saskatchewan

Our names are Cass & Taylor Hazel and this local business is an extension of us. We strive to be ethical and accessible to our community. This means that we work with you to come up with practical and long-term solutions. Working with nature is more important than ever.

Our focus is on regenerative design and implementation. Through this focus, we guide biological succession to create thriving ecosystems. We create healing spaces filled with medicine and food for all those willing to receive nature’s gifts.

Together, let’s bring life to your outdoor space. Let’s make it inviting and set our intentions together. Let’s amend your soil, grow flowers, vegetables and herbs and in turn, create abundance.

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The time has come to shift our relationship with nature. A regenerative garden is the perfect gift for yourself, your community, and the world.
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