The Evolving Common Ground Collective.

Cass Hazel

I have 12 years of experience with landscaping, horticulture & construction. I ran a successful horticulture business for 3 years prior to Common Ground. Now, with Common Ground I am ready to expand & push the boundaries of what I once thought was possible. Expanding looks like taking on larger projects, changing the typical style & using permaculture principles for the design process. My adult life has consisted of seeking knowledge & hands-on skills. I’ve also spent time building off-grid homesteads & gardens, building my own cordwood masonry cabin & setting up permaculture systems. During the summer of 2019, I completed a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) & ATC (Appropriate Technology Course) in the mountains of Montana, where I met my wife Taylor. Certifications: -Master composter -Irrigation tech & design -Drainage solutions -Natural stone hardscaping -Permaculture design -Appropriate technologies

Taylor Hazel

Two of my greatest passions are designing outdoor spaces & tending to the land. I have 4+ years of experience in the field, learning from amazing mentors. Nature is always listening, guiding & supporting us. My focus is on the learning & growth process of all life. Currently, I’m nurturing the creative beauty of the Earth by sharing it with the people through Common Ground.

Wes Corman

An advocate of using technology and marketing as a means for positive change, I'm an experienced Web Developer and always learning more about how to communicate big ideas. I consider myself a budding student of nature as I learn more about its innate intelligence and ability to heal if given the chance.

Maya Hazel

Curious, energetic and loving, Maya is an irreplaceable member of the team. She can often be found on the worksite lounging in the shade and supervising the crew.

Daemond Hazelwanter

I'm here to build and create with my family. To regenerate and be connected to Mother Earth and to show others her beauty. I'm constantly learning and teaching others the ways of permaculture and working to improve myself each and every day.


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