Common Ground
Regenerative Gardens

Luxury Landscapes that work with nature

What we're creating
Outdoor spaces that reconnet us to the natural world...
A future where we are united with nature, working as one towards a bright future

What We Do

We look at the whole.

The whole of your outdoor space and it’s place within the whole ecosystem. We design and build regenerative systems, working with nature along the way.

What is Regenerative Design?
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Landscape Design to Reconnect

We design with nature in mind & heart. We work closely with you to make your vision come to life. The first step to any project is the design & imagining your space in a new light.

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Who We Are

We are permaculture consultants, designers, gardeners and creators. We are a young married couple who are passionate about Earth care. This is an extension of care for self. 

Meet the team
Cass and Taylor Hazel

The Common Ground


We will come and further discuss what you are looking for in your landscape and assess what can be done to transform your space.

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Design phase

This is where we apply all that we've learned about natural systems, putting it down on paper. You will receive a copy of the final design once approved.

The project begins!

We get digging, shaping, and tending to your space. Using your custom design as a blueprint, we put permaculture principles into action to create your regenerative space.


You're now part of the regenerative movement

Each of us has an important role to play in creating an abundant, healthy future for all. Your new regenerative garden space is helping do just that.

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Featured Project of 2020

This was one a projects from the 2020 season. Check out our projects page for more info!

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Grow Your Garden
The time has come to shift our relationship with nature. A regenerative garden is the perfect gift for yourself, your community, and the world.
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