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Cass & Taylor

March 24, 2023

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So how can we simplify who we are?

We live in the hot, northern prairie of Saskatchewan. We specialize in Saskatoon landscape design & installation. We craft gardens in Saskatoon & we love every minute of it. To go into more depth, we are permaculture or whole systems designers. When we design we don’t just look at one element or function, we look at the whole picture. We design with you, the ecosystem & future in mind.

1) Our first service we'll explain is Design

Design is HUGE. It’s such an important part of the process of creating one’s dream landscape. It provides structure, clarity & reassurance for everyone involved. It ensures we all know what to expect. A design is necessary in creating a smooth transition from the old to the new. So, how do we design?


A zoomed in perspective of a custom design draft. This design is in it's beginning phases of the drafting process.

We take a look at the whole system. This can be in the city. It can also be used for farms, acreages or homesteads. We observe your property and come up with a design that is tailored to you & your space. Our design helps us see how we’ll move your yard closer to a healthy & functioning ecosystem. 

A zoomed in perspective of a custom design draft. This is what our designs look like as they move from preliminary draft to the rendered version.

We start the design process by discussing your goals, visions and needs. From there, we decide what elements to incorporate. These elements will be part of a system. They will all have their own functions yet simultaneously interact with each other. This creates a web of interconnectedness, just as nature does.

For example, your elements could be a vegetable garden, compost bin and toolshed. The functions are feeding your family, creating organic matter for the garden and harvesting rainwater off the toolshed. This creates a dynamic system where the compost bin and harvested rain water help the vegetables grow!

A zoomed in perspective of a custom design. This design is complete! Highlights include a dry creek, stepping stone pathway & lots of prairie native plants.

 The creative process is unique & none of our designs are the same. Each has a specific theme & flow that helps reflect the beauty of nature back to us. Our designs include a comprehensive plant list, two revisions via correspondence & a to-scale digital copy of the master plan. As the design ideas come through & are actualized, it is truly a beautiful process. 

A zoomed in perspective of a custom design. This design is complete! Highlights include the cedar steps, dry creek & natural stone walkway combination.

This is the first of our posts about what we do & how we do it. At it’s core or essence, it’s simple. Once our worldview expanded as we saw all the cycles & connections in nature, the way we designed also evolved, expanded & improved. Through faith, trust & a connection to the land, we help guide the process of transforming your space! We live, breathe & embody Earth care. 

Keep Growing, 

 Taylor Hazel

Cass & Taylor

We are permaculture consultants, designers, gardeners and creators. We are a young married couple who are passionate about Earth care. Common Ground is an extension of our care for ourselves.

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